Whereas working as a fowl keeper on the Bronx Zoo, I cared for quite a few finches which are generally stored as pets.  Early on, I used to be struck by the superb variations within the conduct of the identical species when stored in giant displays versus small cages.  Together with elevated exercise and attention-grabbing behaviors got here good well being and wonderful breeding outcomes.  Whereas few pet house owners […]

Suppose you’ve a sensible parrot? Which may be, however a Goffin’s Cockatoo has just lately set a brand new customary by which hen – and certainly animal – intelligence might be measured. Pipin, because the avian genius is understood, demonstrated a ability beforehand recognized to exist solely in chimpanzees. Utilizing sequential drawback fixing skills, Pipin (and, after a time, a number of of his “lab companions”) found out the right

Watching a pair of Lovebirds as they bond, after which courtroom and rear their younger is without doubt one of the most rewarding of all parrot-keeping experiences. In contrast to many parrots, Lovebirds are sometimes completely happy to cool down and breed in modestly-sized cages, and most make tremendous dad and mom. However whereas mated pairs could produce clutch after clutch of eggs, aggression (to proprietor and mate), infertility, ailing

Few bird-keeping experiences are extra thrilling than watching your pets breed…or extra irritating than seeing them toss out their eggs or abandon the nest. Egg destruction and nest abandonment, uncommon within the wild, are fairly widespread amongst pet birds of every kind, together with parrots, budgies, finches, canaries, lovebirds and others. Whereas the explanations are sometimes particular to particular person chicken species, some basic concerns, together with infertility, same-sex pairs,

Lear's Macaw

The Lear’s Macaw strongly resembles the Hyacinth Macaw, but is shorter and stockier with a larger yellow cheek patch. The overall plumage is more ‘turquoise’ than in the Hyacinth Macaw and the facial skin is more extensive. There are some strong green tinges to the feathers of the head. The underside of the tail and wings is dark grey, the iris is dark brown and the beak, although predominantly black,

Hyacinth Macaw Facts

The Hyacinth Macaw facts is one of the most gentle of macaw species. Hyacinth Macaw price Is very high in all Macaws. In Wild The Hyacinth is a large, cobalt blue macaw with yellow facial skin around the eyes and along the growing edge of the upper and lower mandible. The underside of the wings and tail is black. The beak is black and the eyes are red-brown in the

9 Steps to Successful Lovebird Breeding

Currently, the Lovebird is being favoured by bird lovers from all over World. There are many things that can “enjoy” from keeping the Lovebird. Starting from his typical angekok voice to the beauty of the colourful feathers. No wonder if the price of these birds is stable in high enough numbers. Not very expensive indeed. But it’s also arguably not cheap. Especially when his voice geek Lovebird has a length

glaucous macaw

Glaucous Macaw species was final recorded within the 1960s and it’s liable to have declined extraordinarily consequently  of catching and buying and selling, along with pure surrounding of risk, debasement and decimation. Nonetheless, Glaucous Macaw it’d effectively keep surviving, on the grounds that not the vast majority of its a while in the past substantial attain has been satisfactorily studied, and there have been tenacious and persuading close by stories. Any remaining populace is liable to be small, and thus it’s handled as Critically Endangered. Facts, Life-span, Size 70 cm (27.5 in) lengthy, for probably the most half pale turquoise-blue with an expansive grayish head. It has a protracted tail


If you’re a beginner who needs to have associate lovable bird pet, then you’ll be able to choose between the subsequent choices. There square measure pet birds out there that square measure friendly towards the beginners. it’s simple to own such pets as they’re naturally fond instead of going for a pet that may be aggressive and frightful. uncalled-for to mention, you’re certain to get a bird bite at some


Thinking of beginning a bird farming business? If you’re completely dependent on birds and revel in the nonce with them, then this business suits you the foremost and provides high come on minimum overhead expenses. we will guide you how to start bird farming business & Which type of birds breeding is profitable. Farming pet birds isn’t solely the means that of supplementing financial gain however very a pleasurable choice

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