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Guide for Pet birds Cages and prices for you. Buy best cage for your feather friend. this information help you to make your pet happy and healthy CAGES FOR Budgies / Canaries / Cockatiels / Smaller Conures / Finches / Lovebirds / Parakeets / Parrotlets / Caiques / Smaller Cockatoos / Poicephalus / Pionus / Jardine’s Parrot / Red-bellied / Meyer’s Parrots / Lories / Mini Macaws / other similar […]

Blue and Gold Macaw Facts, Behavior, Lifespan, Habbitat

Name: Blue and Yellow MacawScientific Name: Ara araraunaLength: 76-90cmWeight Range: 890-1300gmBreeding Age in Captivity: 3-4 yearsClutch Size: 3-4 eggsIncubation Period: 26-28 daysFledging Age: 14-18 weeks Contents The Blue and Gold is a large macaw with medium blue on the back, yellow on the front and darker blue—almost cobalt on the primaries, and a bar of black directly under the lower mandible. Some green is situated on the forecrown which fades

Feather plucking (and other forms of self-mutation) is one of the most common concerns raised by parrot owners.  I’ve encountered the problem among zoo birds as well.  Despite being well-studied, feather plucking remains difficult to both prevent and cure.  Our understanding is complicated by the fact that feather plucking can be caused by widely-differing physical or emotional ailments.  But some general rules and patterns have emerged.  I’ll review these below…please

A Goffin’s Cockatoo residing on the Vienna University surprised researchers by exhibiting behaviors by no means earlier than seen in any parrot species.  The bird, often called Figaro, went far past “mere” instrument use.  When confronted with an out-of-reach deal with, he first looked for a stick to make use of, and then modified the stick in order to higher go well with it for his functions.  Figaro’s accomplishments are

Images of the Tawny Frogmouth (Podargus strigoides), with its enormous yellow eyes, gaping mouth, “expressive face” (an impression given by the feathery “eyebrows”) and owl-like plumage, have captivated me since childhood.  For years, I stalked Whip-poor-wills, Nighthawks and different of its family that dwelled within the USA.  Precise contact with a Frogmouth was delayed, nevertheless, till I started working on the Bronx Zoo.  Nevertheless it was well worth the wait,

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