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Choosing a pet parrot isn’t as simple because it sounds. There area unit dozens of various species which will be bought in pet retailers nowadays. The parrotlet stands to the facet mutually of the tiniest species of parrots within the world, and is actually the tiniest parrot on the market in retailers. This cheerful, however territorial bird may be a nice housepet, with a large sort of taxonomic group and colourful plumages. Parrotlets’ temperament, as being identified to be one in all the quietest, and their coaching potential facilitate justify why it’s one in all the a lot of common selections

Parrotlets Overview:

Endemic to South and Central America, this second smallest bird within the parrot family may be a common pet selection. Among the various kinds of parrotlets, those best fitted to pets area unit members of the species the Pacific parrotlet (Forpus coelestis) and therefore the green-rumped parrotlet (Forpus passerinus). alternative species which will be found in pet stores area unit sometimes either the Mexican Parrotlet, the decorated Parrotlet, or the Yellow-faced Parrotlet.
This flocking parrot is understood for its hunting for seeds, fruits and vegetables in dry brambly areas, and you’ll need to feed your pet with a mixture of tiny seeds like oats, buckwheat, herbaceous plant and hemp in tiny amounts, flower seeds, inexperienced leaves and kibble. In captivity, you ought to feed them with species-appropriate kebbels and little amounts of cut fruit and vegetables.
The extremely smart parrotlet wants a dynamic atmosphere and much of exercise, and once tamed they will be terribly caring birds. Parrotlets additionally show a fearless disposition, therefore you’ll need to watch out to not tease them, as they will get terribly defensive of their cages. thanks to this, watch out with parrotlets that haven’t gotten accustomed kids, as they will carry a bite!

Characteristics of Parrotlets:


This rascally bird is actually the tiniest species of parrots unbroken as pets. associate adult parrotlet will reach the length between four and half up to only over five inches (approximately twenty eight.5 cm), and a healthy bird won’t weight abundant over an oz (33 grams). They even have the shortest individual distance of nine and a half inches.
The most common pet parrotlet species, the Pacific Parrotlet, area unit distinct thanks to their bright inexperienced feathers. The large bird is identifiable for its colourful feathers and a brief, tapered tail.
While there area unit several color mutations of this species of parrots, the males sometimes carry a blue stripe, whereas the feminine have darker inexperienced feathers with lighter feathers on their wings and backs.
Females may also show a blue or inexperienced streak behind the eyes. Of course, blue, yellow, and white parrotlets will be found within the wild and in homes. curiously, Green-rumped parrotlets area unit the sole species while not blue feathers on their backs.


Parrotlets area unit among the a lot of longer living parrot species, and if their wants area unit met, parrotlet period of time will last between twenty to forty years.
This intelligent and active bird isn’t too loud for keeping in residences, and whereas they’re not prodigious speakers, with apply they’re able to learn to talk some of words.
It’s aforesaid parrotlets are literally full-sized parrots in tiny bodies. That is, their personalities match their larger cousins. thanks to that they have regular exercise and correct coaching.
Raising One as a Pet – What to Expect

Parrotlet Personality:

Parrotlets area unit active birds with massive personalities. They’re additionally identified to be fearless, and as a result, will attack alternative pets within the house while not regards of their size. If you would like to avoid the bird developing a individualist temperament, you ought to handle and play with him usually.
They can bond and exist with one bird, however can successively be aggressive towards the other birds within the neck of the woods. thanks to their tendencies, watch out in however you let kids approach them, they will bite!
On the opposite hand, if hand-fed they develop into trusting birds which will show warmheartedness towards their owner. however watch out, they will additionally simply ignore you if they bond with another bird. Alone they will get lonely. the simplest factor you’ll do is meet the bird’s emotional wants and interact live and activities with it on a daily basis.


While they are available short compared to larger parrots, they will be tutored many tricks too. to form certain your birds potential is met, begin coaching her as presently as potential. make certain the coaching isn’t too strenuous, and therefore the bird feels safe and is relaxed. With enough instruction, they will learn easy commands and to talk many words. Males area unit a lot of inclined to speak—and some parrotlets ne’er learn—regardless of sex.
Here is one parrotlet that likes to chat:

Home Type:

The cages ought to be placed in busier elements of the house, therefore your parrotlet doesn’t get bored. The interaction with the loud atmosphere can keep him busy and engaged.
Keep in mind they’re not appropriate for keeping within the room, as warmth, smoke and fumes from non-stick pans might hurt and even kill them. Also, they have a quiet place for correct rest.

Experience Recommendations:

Parrotlets area unit fitted to folks while not abundant expertise in raising and keeping parrots. the foremost necessary factor to recollect is to stay them company usually to curb their a lot of aggressive tendencies.

Proper Care – Parrotlets as Pets

Cage Size & Setup:

In general, the larger the cage the higher. It shouldn’t be smaller than 24” W by 24” H by 24” D cage. the foremost necessary factor is that the birds have the house to maneuver around and jump in their parrotlet cage. Also, you ought to take into account filling the cage with bird toys in order that they will keep busy whereas you’re not with them. Place many perches within the cage, and if you’ll afford it and have house, use a bigger building to produce a lot of space.
Apart from the toys, they have 3 separate containers for dry food, H2O, and therefore the last for vegetables and fruit. It’s additionally necessary that the gaps on the cage area unit sufficiently small to stop your parrotlet from escaping, and [*fr1] an in. ought to be enough to stop that.

Parrotlet Diet:

Parrotlets ought to be fed victimization pellet primarily based bird combine, ideally of high-quality. Your parrotlet are unbroken within the best form if you’ll enrich their diet with contemporary fruit and vegetables on a usual.
Parrotlets will eat fittingly hack items of peas, broccoli or carrots. They’re additionally able to eat cucumbers, in the altogether kiwi, lettuce and zucchini. you’ll even safely supplement them with apples, bananas, peaches, berries and grapes.
Avoid feeding them vegetables with ethanedioic acid like avocados and onions, and spinach. additionally avoid grapefruit and tomatoes.


It’s necessary that 2 birds set apart for breeding ought to be a real combine of their given species, as solely their offspring are able to reproduce down the road. As for the breeding season, there isn’t one outlined for parrotlets, as they will reproduce inside at any time.


Parrotlets got to move and frequently exercise. Your parrotlet can profit the foremost if you combine exercise with social interaction.

They’ll would like a minimum of three to four hours of daily care if you wish to stay them healthy and happy. whereas you can’t fully replicate the conditions within the wild, you’ll be able to keep your parrotlet busy with totally different toys designed only for that.


This active and curious bird is thought to urge altogether styles of mish-mash, therefore watch out they don’t find yourself black-and-blue whereas enjoying. to stay your parrotlet healthy guarantee a diet, frequently cut feathers, clipped nails, and cut beaks in order that they do not become overgrown.
It’s additionally vital they’ll bathe each day, however watch out the bird doesn’t drown. Bathing can curb dander, and wash the feathers.
Of course, for any considerations please contact your vertebrate vet as they’ll be ready to provide your pet the simplest potential care and treatment.

Parrotlet Prices:

Even so, there area unit race that area unit costlier, just like the Pacific Parrotlet that may be bought for up to $500.
Parrotlets area unit a comparatively reasonable species of parrots fitted to beginners and other people World Health Organization don’t wish to speculate abundant cash to begin caring for a parrot. On average, a parrotlet will value between $150 up to $350.


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