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which is the Best Cage for Canaries, Finches and other Small Birds

Whereas working as a fowl keeper on the Bronx Zoo, I cared for quite a few finches which are generally stored as pets.  Early on, I used to be struck by the superb variations within the conduct of the identical species when stored in giant displays versus small cages.  Together with elevated exercise and attention-grabbing behaviors got here good well being and wonderful breeding outcomes.  Whereas few pet house owners can preserve their birds in zoo-exhibit sized cages, many don’t give sufficient thought to simply how a lot house their finches and canaries want.  Maybe as a result of these birds “get by” in small cages, and infrequently exhibit the issues that afflict space-deprived parrots, they’re typically denied spacious residing quarters.  However, due to their bodily make-up and way of life, finches are poorly suited to life in cramped quarters…even much less so, in some methods, than are many parrots. Selecting the most effective cage for these small birds is important for his or her well-being and it lets you get pleasure from extra pure behaviors.

Painted Firetail

Finch and Canary Life

It’s necessary to keep in mind that canaries and different finches don’t climb about on perches and cage bars as do parrots.  Flight house is a crucial level in cage choice.  Additionally, finches are solely hardly ever let loose of their cages for train and interplay with house owners.  The overwhelming majority spend their lives in a cage…in lots of circumstances capable of solely hop a number of inches from perch to perch, day in and day trip.

Some finch and canary house owners balk on the value of huge flight cages.  It appears to not “make sense” to put out giant sums to offer for a comparatively cheap pet.  Associated to that is the truth that many individuals are drawn to Zebra Finches and sure others due to their low value.  Such folks could also be unwilling or unable to offer a correct house.  Please keep in mind – a fowl or different animal’s buy value has completely no bearing on its wants.

Advantages of Giant Cages


Together with a big cage’s increased value comes a number of advantages to each fowl and bird-owner. Merely put, your birds can have extra to do, and also you’ll have extra to see. Wild seed-eating birds spent most of their free time foraging for meals.  Pets, however, can fulfill their wants in a number of minutes.  A big cage permits us to offer our birds with a wide range of “behavioral enrichment” actions…hidden meals, a wide range of foraging toys, fruit tree branches and lifeless leaf piles to look by way of, and so forth (please see linked articles, and put up beneath, for additional info).  One will also be extra inventive with perching when utilizing bigger cages…pure tree branches and vines are particularly helpful when in search of to rearrange a extra attention-grabbing residing house.

If ample house is offered, some finches will be stored in pairs or teams, and breeding can be extra possible.  Shy species or people will be made extra comfy by the addition of hanging reside or plastic crops and different sight limitations.  Offering a wide range of nest websites, an choice not doable in small cages, can even improve the probability of profitable copy.  Whereas most softbills are greatest stored in aviaries a number of, together with the charming Pink-Vented Bulbul (please see article beneath), adapt properly to giant indoor cages.

Some Useful Models

Some cages include detachable dividers in order that separate residing areas will be created. That is particularly necessary when one is introducing potential mates.  Different options embrace storage cabinets, wheels, giant doorways and a wide range of colour choices.

Red Throated Parrot Finch

I just like the A&E Flight Cage as a result of it’s unusually tall.  Peak is appreciated by most finches, and is crucial to success with shy, arboreal birds such because the Nonpareil or Pin-Tailed Parrot Finch.  Measuring 40 x 30 x 72 inches, this cage can be well-used by canaries and practically all finches, and might accommodate hanging crops, vines and several other nest bins or bowls.

The A&E Double Flight Cage measures 64 x 21 x 65 inches, and is supplied with detachable dividers, a storage shelf and wheels. Measuring 32 x 21 x 74 inches, the A&E Double Stack Cage options 2 spacious cages, one atop the opposite, and a storage shelf.  It’s geared up with wheels and obtainable in 6 colours.

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