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How to start bird farm as a part time business?

Thinking of beginning a bird farming business? If you’re completely dependent on birds and revel in the nonce with them, then this business suits you the foremost and provides high come on minimum overhead expenses. we will guide you how to start bird farming business & Which type of birds breeding is profitable.

Farming pet birds isn’t solely the means that of supplementing financial gain however very a pleasurable choice that fades away our mental further as physical tiredness and makes you fresh and relieved. For truth bird-lovers, it’s not a far tough or tireless job. Moreover, it’s doable to lift them in your yard with very little Space and nursing. In spite of the cruel status, bird farming business has never seen a downfall since there’s never-ending demand of those winged creatures.


Before beginning any reasonably business you wish to strategically think about all reasonably blessings and drawbacks of an equivalent as each chance comes with each positive and negative sides and therefore the bird farming business is of no exception. Let’s verify the pros and cons of bird farming business.


  • It doesn’t need immense capital to take a position at the start.
  • You can begin farming birds during a tiny location or place conjointly and even at your home like in your roof with some correct shedding or in your garage or store rooms.
  • There area unit terribly tiny expenses in foods of birds.
  • Good quality birds will fetch quite you expect.
  • Doesn’t need abundant time and energy for the upkeep of an equivalent.


  • Birds area unit luxury things and area unit most well-liked principally by made individuals.
  • Will not get an identical demand for an equivalent.
  • Birds area unit terribly sensitive in nature and want special attention and care once falling unwell.
  • If correct medication of preventative steps isn’t been taken, any single morbid bird will kill all from the heap.
  • Most demanded and well-liked birds area unit pricey to shop for conjointly.


Expensive birds like parrot Macaw and other are least demand, however they fetch a large margin of profits. thus for an honest market, you wish to review the demand of the species of birds in details.

Places like Pune, Mumbai other have nice demand permanently species of pigeons and talking Parrots, Budgies, Lovebirds, Cockatiel area unit favorites’ all told places. That the market potentiality depends on the world of the operation. Thus a correct business designing and survey is important for raising birds for profit.

You also have an excellent advantage of commercialism your birds on-line, that may be a terribly enticing choice to get countless customers.


It is usual that, not like different pet animals, you can’t keep your birds in open areas and you wish correct cages for an equivalent. you’ll keep the birds in 2 sorts of cages for breeding: –


In this, you’ll keep quite a combine of birds during a single cage. you’ll decide the dimensions of the cage as per the count of birds you may be keeping and vice a verse.

You don’t would like abundant investment in these sorts of birds breeding and it’s less time overwhelming in caring and maintenance because it may be a single cage you wish to specialise in.

There area unit different blessings conjointly for the bird like because the cage are relatively larger and therefore the birds gets an honest quantity of companion, there area unit fewer probabilities of them gaining fat because of the abundant taking part in and flying. however it conjointly comes with a giant disadvantage that is high mortality because of a fight between the birds. This is one of the time saving type of birds breeding.


Here you retain one combine in one cage for breeding which provides an occasional mortality as there are not any probabilities of fight between completely different birds. The fertility of eggs conjointly will increase and chicks also can grow in physiological state as you’ll manually offer excellent care and treatment to them.

However as was common, it conjointly has its own disadvantages just like the cages in separate combine breeding for bird farming business area unit smaller in size and therefore because of less quantity of flight space and taking part in they gain fat and that they retire from breeding quickly. Egg block is another issue and even might cause the death of feminine if not treated at the proper time. This is one of the time Consuming type of birds breeding.


how to start a bird breeding business in India. As you’re currently pretty tuned in to a way to farm birds, thus let’s verify the specified steps to begin a bird farming business.

STEP 1: PLANNING – designing The bird framing business isn’t a giant factor, however you’ll build it massive as there’s not abundant competition within the market. However, like different pets, the demand of birds isn’t uniform. Thus you wish to try to to a correct analysis regarding the business before commencing.

STEP 2: LEGAL FORMALITIES – For low scale business, you may not have to be compelled to follow several legal formalities for bird farming business. However if you wish to form it massive, contact your close administrator workplace and find the data regarding the specified procedures.

STEP 3: CAPITAL – The amount of the capital can depend upon however massive you wish to begin your bird farming business. You’ll even begin with simply 10000 to 100000 or additional conjointly.

STEP 4: CUSTOMERS – It is tough to urge direct customers within the pet business, thus keep a daily contact with the vet stores and take a look at obtaining customers on-line because it can fetch abundant profit.

Here area unit the small print information’s regarding a way to how to start bird farming business, thus if you’re keen on birds and wish to form some cash with the eagerness, then it’s an excellent plan because it is usually good to figure wherever you’re keen on the duty.

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