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Most parrot aficionados know of the Meyer’s Parrot, however the lovely inexperienced lorikeet bearing the identical “first name” is comparatively unstudied within the wild, and not generally saved right here within the USA. The Meyer’s Lorikeet (Trichoglossus flavoviridus mayeri), a subspecies of the Yellow-and-Green Lorikeet, differs from many associated species in each coloration and social habits.  A forest-dweller confined to a single island, this distinctive bird deserves the eye of […]

Winter brings with it distinctive bird-watching alternatives, as chilly climate forces otherwise-shy species to go to feeders in the hunt for meals.  Uncommon guests pushed south by extreme climate and others blown off target throughout migration additionally brighten birders’ days.  Immediately I’d wish to warn you to a number of new (and customary) fowl feeding merchandise, and spotlight some methods to see the weird avian guests to your neighborhood. Table

The Echo or Mauritius Parakeet (Psittacula eques) population was reduced to 10-12 individuals by the late 1970’s, and remained at similar levels into the next decade.   Thus, it had the dubious distinction of being the world’s rarest parrot.  Thanks to the efforts of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the World Parrot Trust, and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, its future is now somewhat brighter.  However, the Echo Parakeet is still one

Choosing a Best Pet Bird from the lots of of captive bred species could be very difficult as a result of personalities range a lot among the many identical species. The qualities you search in a pet ought to information your determination.  For instance, would you like a quiet bird, one you’ll be able to work together with, or a Best Pet Bird to watch in a big flight cage

green cheek conure

The choice to buy or undertake a parrot requires cautious consideration. For all their great qualities, these clever, social birds are very demanding of 1’s time and funds, and never suited to all houses. One species, nonetheless, stands out as an “nearly” secure wager.  The Inexperienced-Cheeked Conure (Pyrrhura molinae) adapts nicely to many various conditions, and is much less prone to show the behaviors that frustrate so many parrot house

I lately attended an enchanting lecture on Island Chicken Range on the American Museum of Pure Historical past.  Two Pygmy Parrot species – the Purple-Breasted (Micropsitta bruijni) and the Finsch’s (M. finschii) – drew the speaker to the Solomon Islands. In reflecting again on the discuss afterwards, I spotted that, regardless of my curiosity, I had but to look at a reside Pygmy Parrot. They’ve by no means been within the

Whereas working as a fowl keeper on the Bronx Zoo, I cared for quite a few finches which are generally stored as pets.  Early on, I used to be struck by the superb variations within the conduct of the identical species when stored in giant displays versus small cages.  Together with elevated exercise and attention-grabbing behaviors got here good well being and wonderful breeding outcomes.  Whereas few pet house owners

Feather plucking (and other forms of self-mutation) is one of the most common concerns raised by parrot owners.  I’ve encountered the problem among zoo birds as well.  Despite being well-studied, feather plucking remains difficult to both prevent and cure.  Our understanding is complicated by the fact that feather plucking can be caused by widely-differing physical or emotional ailments.  But some general rules and patterns have emerged.  I’ll review these below…please

Images of the Tawny Frogmouth (Podargus strigoides), with its enormous yellow eyes, gaping mouth, “expressive face” (an impression given by the feathery “eyebrows”) and owl-like plumage, have captivated me since childhood.  For years, I stalked Whip-poor-wills, Nighthawks and different of its family that dwelled within the USA.  Precise contact with a Frogmouth was delayed, nevertheless, till I started working on the Bronx Zoo.  Nevertheless it was well worth the wait,

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