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Green Cheek Conures – Captive Care and Natural History

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The choice to buy or undertake a parrot requires cautious consideration. For all their great qualities, these clever, social birds are very demanding of 1’s time and funds, and never suited to all houses. One species, nonetheless, stands out as an “nearly” secure wager.  The Inexperienced-Cheeked Conure (Pyrrhura molinae) adapts nicely to many various conditions, and is much less prone to show the behaviors that frustrate so many parrot house owners. Though not trouble-free, it could be the only option for a lot of parrot fanatics.

Pet Qualities

The phrase “enjoyable” invariably arises when Inexperienced-Cheeked Conure house owners talk about their pets. Even by parrot requirements, they’re curious and playful. Their affectionate nature and willingness to be coddled is usually in comparison with that of a well-socialized cockatoo. These qualities, together with their small measurement, have skyrocketed Inexperienced-Cheeks into prominence within the pet commerce. After I first started working for NYC chicken importers within the 1970’s, they have been unknown, and have been unusual as not too long ago as 20 years in the past.

Regardless of being a mere 10 inches in size, Inexperienced-Cheeks are surprisingly daring. But whereas they’ll defend themselves, most are good-natured if dealt with correctly. Many take pleasure in “wresting” with their house owners, pets reminiscent of rabbits, and even “bird-safe” canines.  Their demeanor fits them nicely to lively, noisy households. They positively take and curiosity in close by hustle and bustle; a number of stored at giant in a good friend’s retailer act extra like employees than birds, irrespective of how crowded it will get!

Though Inexperienced-Cheeked Conures would not have a repute as proficient mimics, many do study to talk moderately nicely, and even to make use of phrases in context (i.e. “Hello, I’m hungry!” when proprietor seems). Like all conures, their voices are harsh, however positively on the “smooth” aspect (by parrot requirements!), they usually have a tendency to not develop screaming issues.

Different Concerns

Inexperienced-Cheeked Conures are extremely social, and want companionship and interplay with different birds or individuals. An hour or so of contact every day just isn’t enough. A pair will maintain one-another occupied…contemplating their small measurement, this can be a super possibility for these with busy schedules.

Color Phases

Maroon, blue, grey and inexperienced all seem within the Inexperienced-Cheek’s plumage. Given the small pure vary, there’s a shocking diploma of variation among the many 6 described subspecies. Some ornithologists consider that their taxonomy wants revision, and that new species could also be named in time. The Yellow-sided Conure, previously categorised as a definite species, is now thought-about to be a shade variation of the Inexperienced Cheek.

Fanciful names reminiscent of “Solar Cheek”, “Turquoise” and “Pineapple” describe the gorgeous shade morphs have been developed. Please see the article beneath for images of every.

Vary and Habitat

The Inexperienced-Cheeked Conure is proscribed in distribution to the Mato Grosso area of Brazil, northwestern Argentina and northeastern Bolivia. It usually stays inside or close to forested habitats.

Pure Historical past

Regardless of its recognition within the pet commerce, the Inexperienced Cheeked Conure has not been well-studied within the wild. A 2007 research, one of many few that targeted solely on this species, indicated {that a} versatile feeding technique allowed it to outlive in numerous, harsh habitats (Braz. J of Biology, 2007 67(2):243-9).

In areas the place some timber retained their leaves all through the dry season, resident conures fed upon the flowers, seeds, fruit and/or arils (tasty buildings designed to lure parrots and different seed-dispersers) of 16 tree species. Figs comprised 70% of the diets of Inexperienced-Cheeks dwelling in forests during which different dry-season meals have been missing.  Please see the article beneath for additional data.

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