KSK Stainless Steel and Wooden Bird Stand (Large)

Amazon.in Price: 3,000.00 (as of 26/05/2020 10:00 PST- Details)

*Size In Inches (LXBXH) 20X20X22

KSK BIRD STAND mady by staleness steel metal foaldabel 23″base 22″heavy duty casters, 36mmx21″sandy perch for nail terming & seating with two large size ss feeder two nos one nos large size wooden perch ,ladder& 12″swing for playing your bird.small perch given for playing climbing up and down Size In Inches (LXBXH) 20X20X22.use for-African grey size parrot,use for- large size bird macaw,cockatoo.

*Size In Inches (LXBXH) 20X20X22


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